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Computerised Total Knee Replacements

Computer-assisted surgery is surgery that is performed with the aid of computer technology. Is it useful?

Studies have shown that knee replacements that are well-aligned and balanced are likely to last longer and feel better and can shorten the hospital stay and improve recovery time.

Computer-assisted surgery can help the surgeon align the patient’s bone and implants with a degree of accuracy not possible with the naked eye. It can also help in ligament balancing that can ensure better range of motion and a more natural functioning knee replacement.

Computer-assisted surgery increases the precision and accuracy, and gives the surgeon real-time feedback during the surgery. This procedure also decreases errors by alerting the surgeon to potential pitfalls before they are performed. It gives the surgeon the confidence to perform the surgery with precision and control.

Norwegian researchers recently pitted “man versus machine” in the surgical arena.

“We found more high responders with computer assisted surgery, and the number of patients which needed additional treatment was 8 at two years follow up. We found that 3 out of 11 patient reported outcome measure variables were better with computer assisted surgery compared to conventional surgery after two years and that these differences were both statistically significant and of clinical importance.”

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